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Parenting Workshops

At Spirited New Beginnings we believe that parenting spiritually is with the intention to empower our children to be the unique individuals they are intended to be. We believe that we all come to earth with a purpose, a contribution to make and lessons to learn. 

The first step of spiritual parenting may often be the hardest. We will need to put aside our own conditioning, so that we can allow our children's identities to unfold. 

Our Parenting Spiritually programmes and individual sessions are designed to assist you with many of feelings that may arise on your parenting journey. You may feel alone and even guilty when faced with your own anger, frustration and resentment

We are here to provide you with strategies to help you grow and learn to deal with situations as they arise in a positive and uplifting way for both you and your child.                                                   

We will provide you with support to break through any negative cycles related to your own upbringing and how these can still impact not just you, but your relationship with your child.


Our aim is to give you strategies and personal insights, so that you can navigate your parenting journey, creating loving, supportive and uplifting relationships with your child, from conception to birth and all the way through the teenage years. 


Please enquire about our Parenting Workshops held throughout the year

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