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Apr 07, 2022
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Choose A Product That Fits Your Niche When choosing a product to promote you'll need to focus on one that fits your niche to maximize sales. Relevancy is paramount to a successful affiliate marketing campaign and the right product to your niche can make all the difference between making $1000's a month or none at all, so choose your products wisely. Focus On Article Marketing to Begin With I recommend people start with article marketing in that it's not only free to do, it also builds up your email list expertise and credibility in your niche, this will build trust with people who visit your website and in turn will convert them into life-long customers. Many people ask how many articles does it take to make a sale? In my experience it's around 50 good quality articles. However this number varies greatly as people have differing levels of experience writing articles. Use Social Media Marketing The rise in popularity of Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 have paved the way for innovative and creative ways to bring high quality targeted traffic to our websites. I use social network marketing for promoting my articles to drive traffic to my websites. Benefits of using Facebook, Twitter or Google +1 to promote your website or article include increased exposure, more traffic and greater click-through-rates.
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