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Yoga Classes


Monday: 5.45pm


Cost per session $20 (Bookings essential)

Call Julia: 0417 591 882

II love seeing people walk out after class smiling, feeling more comfortable in their bodies and lighter in themselves. “  

For over 35 years I have enjoyed exploring the benefits of practicing yoga.  Not trying to put my left big toe behind my right ear…. rather, loving the feeling of stretching and strengthening of my whole physical body.  


18 years ago I trained with Riki Van Dyke to teach Somatic yoga – a more playful form of yoga that worked with traditional poses that embraced a deeper consciousness of movement, breathing and relaxation.  Subtle yet strong,  having expression, and stillness.  

Some years later, I had the good fortune to meet, train and work with Julia Symington, of Symphsis Yoga.  Training in Yoga Spiritually added another dimension of understanding, to take my teaching to a greater height – not only more layers of understanding the physical,  also the opportunity to explore the emotional insights available in different poses. It  helps give a deeper understanding of our inner selves and how we ‘are’ in the world, giving us clarity to make changes to move forward in a more satisfying way! 

Yoga Spiritually is contemporary to meet the needs of your life today – it incorporates traditional poses and finds creative solutions for all the different bodies we have .  Sometimes we might be recovering from an injury,  working with a long term issue or just wanting to improve overall flexibility…  well Yoga Spiritually will help!  My aim is to give you more mobility, strength and stability, become more aware of your body and how best to support it to be the best it can be! 

Yoga helps us find space and a balance in our busy lives. and will 

 - Improve your flexibility & strength

 - Invigorate your organs & tissues

 - Re-charge your energy system

 - Help you find more inner peace



"Julia’s a fantastic yoga teacher, she paces the sessions really well to suit beginners like myself but always gauges the room and looks to introduce some advanced postures to either challenge us or those that may help with any muscular niggles amongst the wider group. In a relatively short period of time I’m finding that yoga has helped improve my core strength and definitely assisted with relieving much of my lower back pain.

I always come away feeling energised and always look forward to the next session with Julia and the group."

Bruce, Frankston Sth.

"I  started Yoga earlier this year, attracted by the location and small class size.  Julia is an amazing teacher, her energy and passion is infectious.  After three months of classes, already I am feeling the daily benefits of stretching my body and being more aware of my posture and breathing.  I love that no class is the same and I am constantly encouraged to gently challenge myself within this intimate and supportive environment.  It is a highlight of my week."

Maree, Frankston South.


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