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Concomitant Healing

Concomitant Healing is a method of physical healing which requires the application of pressure to very specific parts of the body, which are neither meridians nor pressure points. 

It is important to know that Concomitant Healing is not a general healing modality, it is specific to healing injury or injuries.


In Concomitant Healing it is recognised that where the body is holding an injury (regardless of its cause which can include emotional reasons) it will be affected in many more parts than just the injured area.


Concomitant means ‘one after the other’. In this healing the therapist will follow the affected parts in the injured body, one after the other, in order to resolve significant injuries quickly and effectively.  Therefore, it does not concentrate on just the injured area and it does not follow known or established lines through the body. 


As a result, the practitioner goes to the parts of the body affected by the injured area, no matter where they are.


The client is usually intrigued by where the practitioner goes to on their body to heal their physical ailment and amazed by the outcome.


The knowledge as to where to go to in the body is taught to the practitioners in their training.


Concomitant healing can assist with:

Muscle soreness

Arthritis and joint pain

Sprains and ligament strains

Pain after childbirth

It cannot assist with wounds or structural damage.

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