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Support Groups

Spirited New Beginnings host weekly Mens and Womens support and development groups. See below for details on current groups. 

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Women with Spirit

Meditation | Discussion | Support |Connection 

​Throughout history, women have gathered in circles to connect, share experiences, and foster growth.  Our aim  is to create a secure and welcoming space for women of all ages to come together and engage in authentic conversations that encourage personal growth.  ​ In our circle, honesty is a guiding principle. We believe in the transformative power of truth spoken with kindness.  ​ Members of our community are encouraged to share their experiences and perspectives openly, fostering an atmosphere where genuine connections can thrive.  It's through this honesty that we create an environment where each woman can grow to her full potential. Equally important is our commitment to accountability.  We understand that holding ourselves and each other accountable is essential for personal and collective growth. We speak the truth with kindness, not to criticise, but to support one another on our individual journeys. This approach allows us to create a community where constructive feedback is valued, helping each woman reach her full potential. Come join us and experience the power of authentic connections that foster both individual and collective growth. ​ There are two groups that run weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday evening 7:30 - 9:30 at Spirited New Beginnings, 52 Kars St. Frankston ​ It costs $20.00 a week.  ​ Tea/Coffee and snacks are provided along with any material relevant to the session.

Contact Elke Newall on 0434418 837 or 

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Men with Spirit

Men helping men grow. To feel more. Less from their head; more from their heart

A weekly Men’s Group, on Monday nights  … * Have you come to a point in your life where you're asking yourself  “Is this all there is?” * Have your personal relationships flatlined? * Are you struggling to give more of yourself to the ones you love? * Do you feel lost and unmotivated? * Are you taken for granted, and you feel your needs are not being met? * Is work no longer fulfilling you? * Are you looking to discover more purpose and meaning in your life? * Do you crave more genuine love in your life? * Do you want to discover the real you? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Men with Spirit could be for you. Men with Spirit is a weekly group for men who are looking for deeper meaning in their lives. We help men to learn how to express honestly and openly. And for some, this may be for the first time in their lives. These small group gatherings are aimed at men who are looking to better understand who they really are and, in the process, to be exposed to experiences and knowledge that can foster further clarity, growth, courage and love in their lives. We all share in a confidential, non-judgemental, mutually respectful, and safe environment. We are supported in finding a deeper meaning to life. We talk about the issues that prevent men from fully showing up in the relationships that matter most to them. We discuss what it means to live with strong values; what it means to passionately live a life with real purpose. We are guided by a set of personal and non-religious spiritual values that promote equality, honesty and expression without judgement. Men with spirit is open to all men of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs.  The only requirement is a desire and willingness to: * look at yourself * Learn about yourself * Learn from other men * Be open to act on new choices * Take responsibility for your actions. We meet in person at the Spirited New Beginnings Healing Hub, 52 Kars St Frankston, on Monday evenings from 7-9pm. Places are limited. If this group sounds like what you have been looking for, click this link to register your interest in joining our next intake of participants: No charge for the first, introductory, meeting. Thereafter, a contribution of $15/meeting is requested, to cover meeting and related costs. Tea/Coffee and snacks are provided along with any material relevant to the session. Minimum commitment is 4 weeks. Our group work is supported by a series of podcasts, broadcast on community radio station, Radio Carrum: ‘Men with Spirit on Radio Carrum’ (listen via link below). Click here for more information about Men with Spirit:

Contact Peter Anthony on 419 440 665, or 

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