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Healer placing his finger on a healing point on the forehead of a client.

Hahnemann Healing

"Hahnemann Healing extracts from the body certain emotional disturbances and replaces them with positive emotions so you can make the change to alter the way in which you are coping with and dealing with your life.”  


[Kristian Hahnemann]

What is Hahnemann Healing?

Hahnemann Healing  is a powerful method of dealing with emotions, which often lie behind illness. These emotions occur as a result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life.  This includes the emotions that may preclude people from getting better after a medical procedure.

What does it do?

Hahnemann Healing works by trained Practitioners placing healing energy into points on the body, which is then directed to where specific emotions are held within the body as blockages (often resulting in feelings of physical pain). 

The healing energy used varies according to the emotion being dealt with. 

This process releases the blockage within the body thereby improving physical and emotional health.

How can it help me?

Hahnemann Healing may assist you with the following - 

 - An increase in energy

 - Reducing anxiety

 - Clarity around your life and direction

 - Help ease the feelings of depression

 - Providing gentle care after grief

 - Helping find resolution to conflict

 - Increasing self belief

 - Diminishing anger

 - Reducing sleep problems

 - Reducing sadness

 - Increasing coping abilities

 - Healing from physical injury after illness or accident

 - Increasing the general feeling of upliftment and joy

 - Helping with addiction and weight loss

 - Alleviating feelings of sorrow

 - Reduce the impact of past hurts and emotional arrests

 - Alleviating physical aches and pains

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