Our People

Julia Barker

Drawing Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Hahnemann Healer, Spiritual Counsellor


Julia is committed to helping people feel better about themselves, and better in their bodies. A farm girl who travelled extensively and discovered the most rewarding and challenging journey was the ‘journey within’.  Finding out more about herself and why she did things the way she did.  Through various personal growth explorations, developing her yoga and expression of her artistic side, Julia is excitedly committed to assisting others to make changes, who are aspiring to grow and have the best life they can!  It’s an exciting journey that she would love to help you with along the way. 

10 years ago, as Julia began her work with Sphinx Spiritual, her life exploded with  much greater depth and satisfaction.  After experiencing the enormous benefits of emotional healing, she qualified as a Hahnemann Healing practitioner, and a Spiritual Counsellor.  During this time, she took her yoga teaching to a deeper level, to be more fun, more creative and hugely beneficial with Yoga Spiritually. 

Her artistic side has also bloomed.  She has a passion for faces, the energy of a painting and the feeling it promotes in/for the viewer.  For the past 6 years she has been sharing her love of drawing by teaching “Learn to See and Draw’ to students wanting to either begin their drawing or those wanting to improve their skills. 

 “I feel as if I am finally ‘on track’ – which feels fabulous and I am just loving sharing and working with others to help them realise more of their own potential – and feel more comfortable in WHO THEY ARE.

Elke Newall

Spiritual Counsellor, Parenting Coach,

Children & Teens Mentor, 

Hahnemann Healer

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What began as a journey into discovering my own path to better health, purpose and vitality, has evolved into more than three decades of assisting people to have more purpose and passion in their life!

I have always been passionate about a holistic approach, and this together with a strong desire to make a difference in the way people engage with life, has been the driving force for bringing Spirited New Beginnings into being.

As a mother, early childhood and youth educator, plant-based café owner and holistic practitioner in a variety of different modalities, I have found myself naturally helping people step into new ways of thinking, doing and being to achieve a greater purpose and wellness. 

I have learned through my extensive studies with Ian & Pearl Rogers, of Sphinx Spiritual, that for change to occur we need to be able to resolve lingering issues from our past. Once these problems are healed, we are more able to accept who we are, and feel more safe and secure in ourselves, and thus find more meaning in our life.        

The knowledge and tremendous support that I have gained through their teachings has been fundamental in my motivation to realise the dream of creating Spirited New Beginnings.

Trish Hardy

Medium and Spiritual Teacher


Several years ago in what appeared to be a successful life I was plagued by the question
“…is there more?”  
I was not achieving “something” which caused me to embark on further study and a change of career– but still the “empty” feeling was present.

Eventually I found my “something” and have been pursuing my spiritual growth ever since. I am now in turn passionate in using my skills, knowledge and gifts to enable others to become and remain enpurpose in their lives.  

Trish offer private mediumship readings by appointment and meditation sessions are held twice a month

Danielle Angel

Spiritual Counsellor, Healer & Holistic Facialist

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I love natural healing.  Connecting to plants, to one another, to an energy that is greater than ourselves but is a part of all of us.  For me it feels like the most potent form of healing.


I came upon natural healing while backpacking in my early 20’s in a tiny town in Northern Thailand. Suffering from a headache, a German friend of mine, offered me some ‘balm’ in a tiny steel canister and instructed I rub it on my temples. Miraculously my headache vanished.  


A few months later while walking through a market in Hoi An, Vietnam, I had another headache. I had only just thought to myself ‘I need to find some of that balm’ when a little Vietnamese woman jumped in front me with a basket of balms outstretched pleading ‘you buy you buy? “   Overjoyed and a little surprised (did she read my mind?) I replied “Oh yes I buy!!”


In that moment of serendipity my love affair with natural healing began.  


I headed to London and attended my first Natural Healing Expo.  There I met one of my idols and a fellow seeker, Jimmy Paige from Led Zeppelin.  It seemed like another sign and with stars in my eyes, I was hooked.


Twenty five years later I have trained in Spiritual Counselling, Hahnemann Healing, Facials, Reiki and Aromatherapy.  Using counselling, energy and touch, my passion is to help people untangle their lives by releasing what is keeping them blocked and unfulfilled, and helping them to live a more loving and joyful life.

Peter-Anthony Williams

Spiritual Counsellor, Hahnemann Healer, Concomitant Healer

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It’s been observed that a particular gift Peter-Anthony brings to his work is that of softness.

So it’s not surprising that in each of the modalities in which he helps people, he works in a

gentle, understanding and empathetic manner. But arriving at where he is now has not

been an easy journey for him.

Recognising and coming to peace with who you are can be a challenge for many people.

Because of what he has experienced and learned over his life so far, he is well-placed to

gently guide people to improved wellbeing and to help them achieve greater contentment

in their lives.

For over 20 years, Peter-Anthony has been on a journey of personal and spiritual discovery

and growth. Along the way, he’s had a family, confronted a number of personal and

financial hurdles, chosen to leave behind senior roles in the corporate world, and in recent

times decided to change his name, to better reflect who he is these days.

He is rediscovering the “fire in his belly”, which had largely laid dormant since the activist days of his youth.

His work experience extends from being an advisor (and confidante) to leaders at the

highest levels in corporate Australia, through to experiencing the challenges and joy of

regularly driving a school bus. Through these deliberate life choices, he has recognised that

it is that which is within you that defines the real you, not your titles, or the labels that

others put upon you.

These days he sees his role as helping to free the inner you, and in so doing, allow you at

last to feel that sense of contentment that you have been seeking for so long.

Working with both men and women (typically over 50), he aims to release the often long-

held pain and hurt that can hold people back from growing in all parts of their lives. To be

who they are meant to be. To find greater joy, happiness and love in their lives. And to

have the opportunity to work in truly harmonious workplaces.

In addition to directly helping individuals, couples, families, groups, and organisations, he

also has a passion to help bring about a more loving, harmonious, and just world ... where

values such as equality, non-judgement, and honesty are widely embraced. This is why he

actively shares information and insights, including through conducting uplifting workshops

and training courses. Men with Spirit is one of these initiatives ... specifically aimed at

helping men to realise their potential and become more contented with who they are.

Steve Angel 

Spiritual Counsellor, Personal Harmony Coach

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Steve believed, like many men, his work, financial success and relationships would define

him and make him matter.


Having achieved success as an accomplished Events Producer and founder of a global gift

and beauty business with his wife, Steve had much to be happy about.

Then came a time in his 40’s when “happy enough” was not enough and he became aware

of an underlying feeling of un-fulfillment. A desire for more.

He discovered Spiritual Counselling, achieved a diploma and an accreditation as a values based coach.

Steve works with clients who are at a crossroad in life. Where the choices and actions they

are taking are no longer moving them forward. They feel like they are on a treadmill of

failure and frustration.

Within this work he does with his clients, he teaches them not to cope, but how to thrive,

find happiness and more joy in their life. He helps them to be less fearful, more decisive and


When people learn to express themselves more honestly and become more accountable for their actions they can explore the limitless opportunity of their personal and spiritual


Steve is on a mission to help his clients live a more spirited life.

Bronwyn South

Spiritual Counsellor, Hahnemann Healer,Parenting Coach, Bio-dynamic  Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Remedial Masseuse


Bronwyn has always held a keen interest in helping others to heal and feel more comfortable in themselves, by freeing up past held patterns and conditioning stored in their bodies and minds. There is a pure joy in awakening our potentials within. Old hurts naturally arise as we move to being on path and uncovering these innate potentials.

By focusing on and acknowledging this, Bronwyn uses open hearted therapies to help resolve both emotional and physical pain.

Bronwyn has studied various massage and healing modalities over the last 25 years, both here in Australia, and overseas in Thailand and in Northern India where she lived, studying for a number of years before becoming a mother.
Since then, Bronwyn has studied Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy, Spiritual Counselling and Parenting. She continues training in these fields to deepen her ability to help others.

These, as well as a lifetime of experience being on the receiving side of healing work gives Bronwyn a rounded and full approach to helping others become more comfortable with experiencing life’s constant changes, our need for growth and finding fulfilment in our lives.

Rachel Gallon

Kinesiology Practitioner

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As a professional kinesiology practitioner I draw from a wealth of experience gained over the past 15+ years from studying to practicing and teaching kinesiology.  I strive to fill each day with new ideas and innovations to support my clients.  

My interest in natural and complimentary health practice commenced over 30 years ago when I became intrigued by the impact dis-ease has on a person's emotional wellbeing. Experiences with members of my own family heightened this interest, particularly when my two daughters were young and as they have grown there has been opportunity for further learning and understanding.

Over time I have had opportunities to build on my practice as a Kinesiologist through professional development, courses, workshops, research and reading. I now incorporate medical intuition, energy balancing through colour, sound and aromas, as well as crystal gridding and inner circle work into each consultation as appropriate.  

Whilst I am passionate about all my work, I have focused a lot of my progression as a practitioner on working with children. As a mother of two daughters, both now in their 20s, I constantly delight in what I have learnt from my girls and from being a mum. I spend many of my working hours in 1:1 consultations with children and I love every single part of helping them and their parents/guardians to overcome the everyday hurdles that they might be facing.   

In kinesiology we look to restore the being to optimum equilibrium, recognising that it has its own innate healing intelligence comprising not just the mental, physical and emotional bodies, but also the spiritual, structural, chemical and nutritional aspects as well.  At any time the being is aiming to re-establish this equilibrium and kinesiology is one way in which this can be effectively assisted.

Kinesiology uses what is known as muscle testing to access the invisible channels of energy that exist within the body, and this is what enables the practitioner to communicate where possible imbalances and stressors are showing up.

This offers each individual the tools and resources needed by accessing the innate wisdom stored in their body and to then activate their own self-healing intelligence.  


Awareness is key and it is a vital part of my sessions and there is real delight in seeing a person be ready and willing to take responsibility for their health and well-being through self-actualisation and commitment to change..

Elsha Young

Family Therapist


As a family therapist I am passionate about working from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and building a safe nurturing space where children and families can strengthen and heal their relationships with themselves and others.


I came into this work to help and inspire others. As a parent (and a parent to a highly sensitive child I might add), I know the complexity of balancing roles, and the overwhelm and pressure this can bring. 

I love working with parents to help them recognize and celebrate their strengths and increase their confidence through psychoeducation and building a safe and respectful therapeutic relationship.


I hold a Masters degree through the Bouverie Centre and La Trobe University in Family Therapy and a Graduate Certificate in Child and Family Practice. I am currently completing a certification in Synergetic Play Therapy. 

I have over 10 years experience in the field. Having worked in Child Protection, family therapy work with Adolescents who were violent in the home towards their parents and siblings, youth homelessness, child trauma counseling; helping vulnerable young people to repair from the harm of the impact of trauma. I have also run various types of group work, and training workshops for schools and professionals, professional consults and most recently I have been facilitating mother infant, toddler and child dyadic work. With mothers and children who have recently experienced family violence and providing counseling, and group work to help heal from family violence and the impact of trauma on the mother child attachment relationship.


It is important to me that people feel safe in counselling, without safety people cannot process what it is that they are coming to counselling for.

I am aware that it can be quite a daunting experience coming to a strange place and not knowing what to expect.

I aim to create a space that exudes warmth and a sense of nurturing for all ages. A key element in particular in my counselling work with children is their sensory experience, so I like to include different toys for play therapy and modalities such as sand etc.

Some of the services I offer:

-Family sessions

-Dyadic-parent child sessions

-Play therapy- individual child sessions

-Parent sessions

52 Kars Street, Frankston Victoria

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