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Get Your Midweek Mojo On!

Monday mornings can be a little like the first day of the year. You usually start with great intentions! On the other hand, Wednesdays can be like January 17th, sometimes called National Quitters Day - the day when your motivation to keep going with your resolutions starts to falter.

With only half the week behind you and the other half still to come, it can be easy to lapse into a hump day slump and just stumble along until the weekend arrives and you can relax once again. But this attitude just won't get your jobs done and in fact can make things more challenging as you will be left with even more tasks to finish the following week!

Here are 5 Midweek Mojo ideas to help get you over your midweek funk and help you feel as enthusiastic as you were when the sun came up on Monday morning.

1. Make a 'to do' list in order of importance.

This is a really handy idea to use on any day, but it is especially important in the middle of the week when your determination is likely to be waning. Don’t be tempted to start off with mundane, easy jobs – you'll be much more productive if you start with the more demanding jobs and get them out of the way. Your energy levels start to drop as the day goes on, so leave the smaller jobs for when you're in your afternoon lull.

2. Make Yourself Accountable to Someone

This is particularly important if you're self employed, or you work alone, as you don't have anyone breathing down your neck and making sure you finish everything you need to get done.

Find an ‘accountability pal’ – choose someone, either a friend or someone you work with– and let them know what you need to get done by Friday. Then check in with them on Friday and have a chat about what you have and haven’t achieved so far. When you have to admit to someone that you haven’t finished all your tasks, it's a really great way to keep you on track.

If you don't have anybody you can check in with, why not put your social media to good use and make your intentions known to your family and friends? It's never easy to admit that you haven't done what you said you'd do - especially in public!

3. Midweek Mojo Dress Ups

It doesn't matter , the clothes you wear will dictate how you feel. Suppose you work from home; if you are wearing a pair of baggy pajama pants and a t-shirt, you will feel much less productive than if you are wearing something smarter that you would wear if you were going into a place of employment.

Making Wednesday the day you make an even bigger effort will put you in the right frame of mind to get on and get things done, whatever your plans for the day.

4. Why not have lunch at a different time on Wednesday?

Normally, you might take your lunch break around midday and this can make the afternoon seem impossibly long as you still have quite a few more hours ahead of you!

Why not banish that feeling by taking a later lunch on Wednesdays. Eat a healthy snack so you can ward off your hunger pangs, and then take your lunch an hour or two later than usual. When you get back to your desk you will only have a couple of hours to go, and they’ll fly by.

You could go one step further and make Wednesdays a special occasion, why not take your favourite meal to work. Or you could really change it up and try a new cafe to once a week.

5. Make Wednesday Staying in the New Going Out

When you spend all week wishing it were the weekend, it can make the week really drag. Why not organise a night out on a Wednesday evening, Go and see a movie or have a meal, or just a drink or two in a local wine bar.

Doing this will give you something to look forward to apart from the end of the week, and will really motivate you to get through hump day with a smile on your face.

It doesn’t really matter what you do during the week, those five days can seem interminable. By employing some of these Wednesday motivation tricks you can make midweek something to actually look forward to, rather than just a day to mark the midway point in a never-ending week.

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